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Dr. April Little and Little BoyFeel Great at Lifeforce Chiropractic, LLC

Vernon Chiropractor Dr. April Little offers her practice members the best in pain relief and wellness care, with special consideration given to pediatric chiropractic care and gentle pregnancy management. Her mission is to help every patient have a better life, regardless of age or physical condition. Dr. Little also specializes in state-of-the-art sports chiropractic and offers those she serves outstanding diagnostic scan technology.

We Welcome You As Family

Our chiropractic care office has often been described as heart-centered and warm, with techniques gentle enough to help a newborn baby or a mom in her third trimester of pregnancy. We feature a kid-friendly environment and a large, open adjusting area. Dr. Little attracts athletes of every description to her practice, from the weekend warrior to those seeking elite status. Her extensive experience in sports performance and recovery from injury is widely respected.