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Lifeforce Chiropractic, LLC Reviews

Very Welcoming

The atmosphere is very welcoming, and the doctors/staff really care about individual success.
Mallory C.

A Safe Place

It is always a safe place
Rebekah S.

Friendly and Helpful

The doctors and staff are competent, friendly, and helpful.
Dave B.


I get happy just walking in here.
Vicky B.

Absolutely Amazing Staff

Absolutely amazing staff, I arrive and leave with a smile every time!
Chris V.

Comfortable and Safe

I feel comfortable and safe, and the staff is always friendly and accommodating.
Megan C.

I Feel Amazing

I started going for low back pain due to my job. What I didn’t realize is how my overall feeling of health, as well as my mental clarity, would greatly improve! I had less affects from colds this winter and my stress level is much more manageable! I have work to do on my back and neck, but I feel amazing!
Cheryl C.

Put Me At The Top Of My Game

I had a wonderful chiropractor in Florida who I’d been seeing regularly yet with my recent move to CT some time had passed since my last adjustment. I am three years into recovery of a successful L5-S1 laminectomy and I know the importance of maintaining good chiropractic health! I first saw Dr. April Little for a consultation in Oct 2017. I had high expectations on her level of care because of my previous chiropractic experience and she was up for the challenge!
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Our first visit together was amazing! Dr. Little patiently reviewed my x-rays and medical history as I put her on the spot with questions and concerns. I had been feeling fairly good physically the past year and with that complacency, my back had become unbelievably out of whack. Dr. Little presented me with a timeline and asked me what my goals are (e.g. being able to bend properly without discomfort to mop my floor; lean over the sink to brush my teeth; work successfully at my job driving a vehicle 6-8 hours a day, etc.) After review, Dr. Little said, “Now these are MY goals for YOU.”

We discussed adjustments that were specific to MY level of care, educating and empowering me to improve my health through healthy eating and quick, daily stretches and exercises. Since then, her level of care has not wavered. Because of her dedication to our community’s overall health and her steady clientele, Dr. Molly Casey works alongside Dr. Little, whose level of care and fun personality make for a great match!!

Every single visit we discuss recent progress/setbacks and what I can do differently to improve my movements and entire body; instead of just isolating one area. And I cannot forget about Lifeforce office staff, who are so welcoming and have become like family. They allow for flexible appointments – along with in-and-out adjustments – there really is no hiccup to my day when I swing by 3x a week!

With their fun and approachable personality, Dr. Little and her LifeForce Chiropractic team has put me at the top of my game.. I sincerely feel the best I ever have and love that I can do ME again!
Amy K.

Amazing Skills

I can honestly say without Dr. April Little and her AMAZING chiropractic skills I would not be where I am today!

Tamara D.

Life Changing

Lifeforce Chiropractic is life changing! Thank you, Dr. April Little!

Tarah B.

Best I Have Seen

The best Chiropractors I have even seen! They truly care about you and work with you and your schedule. Their main concern is getting you healthy, they don’t pressure you to buy health supplements or other apparatus. The staff are super friendly and efficient. They not only treat myself but my husband and two sons. Make sure you call the wonderful Kelly to schedule a visit with Dr. April or Dr. Molly – you will not be disappointed!

Diane T.

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